Kids Need Support 2, Wellness & Learning Foundation

"I am my brothers/sisters keeper..It's just that simple!"


On behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to all our sponsors, donors, contributors and volunteers!!  Because of your generosity in 2016, we raised $1,070.00, providing 100 Christmas gifts to special needs children from low-income families. This could never have been accomplished without the support of people like you, whose heart of compassion for the needs of some very special children is evident in your generous under-girding of this charity. You have given each child the opportunity to witness a miracle for the holidays!

Here is just a portion of what your donations have helped us accomplish:

  • Provided 82 children with academic enrichment through our Wellness and Learning Center. 
  • Provided 150 families with food and meals to improve the quality of life.
  • Provided 7 families with pre homelessness services and displacement resources. 
  • Provided 50 Wellness workshops, 26 Health Literacy Classes, 8 Heart Fit Workshops, 1200 Healing Garden visits and over 1200 lbs of produce were distributed to the community. 
  • Provided 70 special needs and 80 non classified children from economically challenged families in several school districts in and around Edison, also including Rahway, Woodbridge, Elizabeth and New Brunswick, with Christmas gifts they otherwise could not afford.
  • Provided 15 Individual gifts were given to medically fragile children who were hospital bound or home bound. 
  • Provided 15 children received hand stitched pillows to keep in their hospital rooms along with a mp3 player; that their families would not have been able to afford.
  • Provided 35 children profoundly struggling with language disorders and ADHD books and Cd's for their individual diagnosed specific needs. Their beginnings will lay a foundation for a life of excellent language and listening skills.

Through private and individual donor contributions, our programs are able to maintain.  We hope to improve our goals by acquiring long term funding as forge ahead to meet our mission to end childhood hunger, malnutrition and health disparities with compassion. We successfully laid a strong foundation of hope. Your generosity and support towards our cause to is vital and keeps the program sustained.  

The year 2018 is filled with hope and endless possibilities for these children and countless others. Thank you for joining us by being the voice of these children who have very little advocacy and direction. We greatly appreciate your commitment to improve the lives of each child in our efforts to end childhood hunger and health disparities.


Kids Need Support 2 Finance Department