Kids Need Support 2, Wellness & Learning Foundation

"I am my brothers/sisters keeper..It's just that simple!"


OUR MOTTO:  " I am my brothers/sisters keeper. It's just that simple."    

OUR MISSION:  To Advance the overall wellness of children through Health literacy and Food Quality for Special Needs Children and Chronically Ill Children.  Reducing Health Disparities, Integrating Socialism, academic enrichment, fitness education, while stimulating new fun service learning opportunities to build the community.  We are building community leaders through our youth development programs. chronically ill, undeserved, at risk youth in our community through our various programs.  Meeting the overall need of each child to combat childhood malnutrition and complex health disparities by by providing quality  services  with compassion, hope and love.

 It is our desire to meet the  physical, emotional, educational, social needs of all children with no discrimination; much compassion, and confidentiality through our various youth programs and partnerships with the medical professionals.  To promote life and social inclusion, for special needs low income children in all areas of life. Making a difference in children's lives through compassionate care, providing charitable services,  educational tools, special needs youth development, community leadership and engagement with love needed to change the world.  

At Kids Need Support 2, our core values are  Service- to provide help, resources,  and benefits to help people achieve maximum potential.  Social Justice- to uphold equal rights, protection, opportunity, social benefits to everyone.  Dignity and worth- every person is unique and worthwhile. Importance of human relationships- to value the exchange between all parties with compassion and confidentiality.  Integrity-maintain trustworthiness. 

Competence-practice within the scope of known skills and abilities to build family strengthening, socialism, volunteerism, self esteem building, leadership, teamwork, positive community involvement and giving. 

We hope to combat many diseases and make an impact in the lives of each child where they can see their fears disappear with life skills transitions.  


We are a volunteer based organization with teams, who help to administer fun activities for healing, hope and life skills. We all have a personal success story, or a journey still in progress, that makes our lives and each child's life relative.  Experience has been our teacher, love our motivator, and each child our inspiration. All are welcome to find healing, a supporting hand and loving heart from the moment your request reaches our ears. There is no illness that we can't fight together!

Successful Journeying with Special Needs / Mentoring Program - 

This program affords all youth with special needs the opportunity to learn skills, trades on a one on one basis. Partnering with mentors who are focused on the success of the child in every area of life.  The students work with local business owners, physicians, nurses, hospitals, teachers, engineers, athletes, etc. to give insight to successful living and personal development of all youth.

After School Education  - Arts, Behavioral Therapy/ Liberal Arts/ Science/ Technology/ Current Events/ Social Studies

There are currently 80 children enrolled in the after school program. The children range in ages from 5 years and up. The teacher to student ratio is 2:1.  The children are assisted with homework. The literacy teachers work on on one with children who struggle with reading.  We are pleased with the support of each teacher who assist in the areas of Science, Math, and Literature.  The middle school and high school students have benefited from these services and the extra help has improved their grades by 50%.  Kudos to each instructor!   Thank you for your personal dedication to seeing each child succeed.  

Heart Fit TNS- 

The program is designed to build bridges of hope for our seniors, partnering with our teens.  The group completes wellness workshops, fitness activities, shares in life adventures through health education. Focusing on Health Literacy, our Cardiologist, and team of Clinical Research Associates work tirelessly on improving the health of those underprivileged and undeserved communities.  This program offers free EKG testings, consultations, stroke prevention, heart disease prevention, smoking education, health awareness and social bonding.  The program was created by Elijah Ashe who was inspired by his grandmother Mary Ashe, who combats Coronary Artery Disease.  The vision was to educate all youth to help keep our seniors healthy; to appreciate the importance of our past to execute brighter futures.

Healing Therapy through Music

Partnering with WBJL Radio and Yes Unlimited our youth can complete internships in the area of Engineering and Broadcasting with the Healing Therapy Program offered here. For more information and to sign up for a summer internship in radio engineering, audio visual, etc. please email 

Healing Gardens Program

Special needs children learn the beauty in planting, farming.  Local experts work with the children to educate them on the process in agriculture. Each child selects a herb, vegetable, plants, fruit, flower etc. to promote healing for their individual disease to combat health disparities and promote healing for the whole child. 

Get Fit / Equipped to Rid Diabetes/ Obesity program

Offers children from 5 years to 21 years the opportunity to engage in physical fitness exercises to combat diabetes,diseases, disorders and obesity. Motivating each child to drink lots of water and keep moving.

 Mentoring Program

Children are offered peer to peer, E-mentoring, one on one mentoring and group sessions. Children are guided by mentors to meet their health goals, academic goals, and overall life goals with support, compassion and love. 

Youth Recreational Services

Outdoor Adventures, Go Green Programs that take place throughout the United States. Children link together to change the world with Special Needs Awareness and Nature.