Kids Need Support 2, Wellness & Learning Foundation

"I am my brothers/sisters keeper..It's just that simple!"

Children Testimonials

"We are overcome by our testimonies...I was very afraid when I was diagnosed, I cried and prayed with my family, no one wants to die. I shared my thoughts with a few friends at school before I was home schooled, but they just made fun of my sickness and I was sad until I made new friends here who understood."

- Elijah Ashe, Co-Founder Age 12


"It's our place where we can be kids and be normal. No matter what we understand how hard it is to reach the goal in life of being successful but to be successful with a disability is a ground breaker!  I will be an NBA player!!"

- Emanuel Ashe, Co-Founder Age 14


"I was broken by my dads death and nobody could relate to me and my brothers. I lost my dad and my world was destroyed. I was alone and angry and didn't talk to anybody.  My cousins and I came to the group and had fun. I started to talk to other kids and found that we have brothers and sisters here who shared my pain." I love the meetings more than school lol. 
- JaQuay Smith, Co-Founder  Age 13

my friens laff at me because i am deaf in one ear... if i could i would buy a new ear. i made frends with going to the meeting, thanks i had fun.

- Simir, Member  Age 7