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"I am my brothers/sisters keeper..It's just that simple!"


Kids Need Support 2 Wellness and Learning Foundation is a wellness based organization with after-school programs that offers educational resources, with free meals to combat childhood health disparities,  malnutrition and food insecurity.

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Creating Better Lives for All Children


Kids Need Support 2, is a  501(c ) 3 charity focused on special needs, chronically ill, needy, disadvantaged children; devoted to bring wellness, education, health and food literacy to the community with inspiration, integrity and fun.  Kids Need Support 2 was founded by two brothers, Emanuel and Elijah Ashe in January 2011.  After attending support meetings with their mom, they were inspired to make a change in the lives of all children in the world with no discrimination. "How can we change a grim view of healing for kids?"  Desiring that people would understand the difficulties of being a disabled child , the organization Kids Need Support 2, was formed as a National Group Advocacy Center.  Kids Need Support 2, became a partner agency of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey to continue the efforts to combat childhood hunger and malnutrition. At Kids Need Support 2 our many programs bridge the gap for the unmet needs in many low income families. The program currently has over 80 children registered from the Greater Northern New Jersey area. Children explore many levels of service learning, gardening, wellness workshops and more.  Community leadership training affords each child an opportunity to enhance their abilities to succeed. by partnering with the Senior Mentors our children have had magnificent social impacts in the community.  

Multiple barriers can stand in the way of fitness and leisure for children with disabilities. Many parents are apprehensive to encourage their children to become involved, because of the range of obstacles they were likely to encounter. Kids Need Support 2, is a resource that makes it possible for children with disabilities to participate in leisure options, and as this demand increases, the children experience service learning while tearing down social barriers and combating many health disparities in the community. 

Our Accomplishments:

  • We have successfully provided quality mentorship programs since 2011.  
  • Provided over 240 food backpacks and meals to the children and economically disadvantaged persons.  
  • We have had over 1200 visits to our Healing Gardens while providing fresh produce to each guest. 
  • Engaged in community building, volunteerism through serving those in need, cleaning and restoration projects throughout Union, Essex and Middlesex counties. 

At Kids Need Support we teach our children to embrace who they are and to be reassured of the great abilities that lie in their uniqueness. Through their own personal experiences, these brothers rose to the challenge of pushing through the pain, understanding the need for medications and how to advocate for themselves and others. Speaking at group sessions, bringing awareness in the schools and community, they make a difference in the lives of special needs children.  

Our goal is to meet the overall wellness, educational, and social needs of all children;  remove the stereotypes and barriers of bias, that a "disabled or special needs child" must be limited and cannot be mainstream achievers. We will  empower each child with  health education and love which will  bridge the gap of isolation and socialism, teaching each special needs child to conquer challenges with perseverance, commitment, patience,  support and education.   It is our sole purpose to advocate for the youth and to educate with compassion; promoting life and self sustainability, to enlighten a child's life with support, love, education, and opportunities to excel.   We desire to change the impact of isolation and despair due to the constant battles of deteriorating health in our communities, by creating a place where all kids can be free to speak about their health challenges, hopes and dreams in a  stress free, bully free environment.   We offer holiday programs for all children. Thanksgiving Dinner and a Christmas Dinner with Santa, the elves, and more. 

Our Vision

A vision in action, special needs children can live united with all children alike, in a place of safety, security,  friendship and love modeled by testimonies.  " They were overcome by the Blood and the Testimonies". - Revelation 12:11

Kids Need Support 2, is committed to providing an environment that is free from discrimination because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age. To break social barriers, promote successful living for children who are struggling in daily life activities, by offering: support, mentoring, youth development, recreational activities and community involvement, to all children.  Our children are the leaders of today, tomorrow and everyday!

"Every child needs a place of security when poor health, trauma, financial disadvantages or death, leaves a stain of insecurity. Family begins in the heart; grows stronger with love, like children who play together for the first time." - Elijah Ashe


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