Kids Need Support 2, Wellness & Learning Foundation

"I am my brothers/sisters keeper..It's just that simple!"

On behalf of our children and families, thank you for considering a donation. Your generosity is very much appreciated. You have created miracles by supporting our efforts to end childhood hunger and health disparities!  We NEED YOUR HELP to Make the Holidays brighter for disabled, needy children.  Here's how you can change a child's life:

 A gift of toys, games or activity supplies can make a big difference to children and families spending time in the hospital or at home. 

Gifts to Buy 

All Age Appropriate Toys

(Preschool Age - School Age)

Books, Crayons, Markers, Magazines, Comic Books

Toys, Dolls, Wrestling Figures, Puzzles, Board Games, Cards, Hair Products, Hats, Gloves, Socks, 

Writing Supplies, Journals, Notebooks, Arts and Crafts Supplies, Coloring Books


Foam Balls. Basketballs, Footballs, Baseballs, Volleyballs, Soccer balls, Large Rubber Exercise Ball

Yoga Mats, Sleeping Bags, Fishing Poles, Bikes, Bike Helmets, 

 Teens (area of HIGH NEED): Many children are taken off the toy list by many agencies after the age 12, we know children don't stop celebrating Christmas after 13, they just require a different scale of attention for their needs. 

Please help us to accomplish giving a teen a great Christmas by giving a gift card or simply making a tax deductible donation on our PayPal account! 

 (Please put teen toy in the memo)

  • New/ Wrapped Pillows (Allergen Free) Bedding (Allergen Free) 
  • Disposable cameras 
  • Audio/Visual Items and Special Needs Auditory Games
  • Walkman type radios, CD players or MP3 players
  • Books, Magazines, Posters, Barnes and Noble Gift cards
  • Gift Cards (To some of the following stores): * Target, Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Kmart, Kohls, Burlington, Modell's, Best Buy, Etc.

Gifts to Make

Please make sure you check all hand sewn items to remove any needles or pins you may have used during construction.)

  • Comforters, quilts, or fleece blankets: all sizes  

  • Pillows: various sizes (12”x12”, 12”x18”, 16”x5”) 

  • Activity bags: plastic or paper bags filled with items to provide children with craft activities and fun things to do. Items that may be included: stickers, sticker pages, safety scissors, tape, cut and paste activity sheets, coloring sheets, word search puzzles, crayons, markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, craft sticks, watercolor paints, and bead kits with instructions. No perishable food items, please.

  • Toiletry Kits (for parents or young adult patients): 

  • include items such as toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, comb, disposable razor, shaving cream, soap, etc. in a Ziploc bag.

Christmas Gift Giving Donations

Holiday Gift Program provides holiday gifts to children with special needs who are low income, underprivileged families. The program aims to let these children experience the joy of receiving gifts with the utmost dignity and love during the holiday season. Please consider a child who is less fortunate, facing medical challenges to live, and share love, toys, joys at Christmas!!!